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Fahed Al Bloushi: ‘Career change with FANR's capacity-building programme was the most rewarding opportunity.’

Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager says reviewing licensee's applications – especially the Operating License Application for the UAE’s first nuclear power plant – and conducting inspections to ensure the effectiveness of their emergency response plans inspires him the most beside his day-to-day work. 


Fahed Al Bloushi joined the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) in 2011, seizing this remarkable opportunity to be part of the regulatory body of the UAE's nuclear sector.


The 39-year-old became one of the country’s pioneers in the field of nuclear emergency preparedness and response, a field regulated by FANR.


Fahed, who works with national, regional and international stakeholders, says inspections matter.




February 2016

“Reviewing licensee's applications – especially the Operating License Application for the UAE’s first Nuclear Power Plant – and conducting inspections to ensure the effectiveness of their emergency response plans inspires me the most, beside the day-to-day work.”


“My role is to lead the development of regulatory legislation and structure of FANR’s Emergency Response Organization (FERO) and to ensure that effective actions will be taken to protect people from harm and the environment from damage in case of a nuclear accident or radiological event.“


The first steps Fahed took in his new role as nuclear professional enriched him immensely, both personally and professionally.


“When I took part in reviewing the Licensee Application for the first time, I could see my achievements.”


“The first inspection I conducted made me realize the importance of a nuclear professional.”


Before he joined FANR, Fahed worked at the UAE Air Force and Air Defence, prior to moving to Abu Dhabi Airports, where he was responsible for safety, security and emergency response.  


After 21-years of experience in the field of Aviation security and emergency management, he decided to pursue his career in the nuclear sector.


Fahed holds his Bachelor’s degree in Management of Aviation Safety from Dubai Technical College.


As a beginner nuclear professional, Fahed devoted all his efforts to learning how his profound knowledge, skills and experience of disaster management can be applied in the nuclear field.


FANR had already established an extensive capacity-building team through the Nuclear Education and Training Department, to ensure availability of the required number of employees, especially Emiratis, to enhance Emiratization across the authority.


“FANR offered me a wide range of in-house training and secondment, and a career development opportunity that made it possible for me to pursue a career in the nuclear sector.”


It offered an excellent platform for a career change, something to which Fahed aspired.


“When I began to understand the fundamentals of nuclear energy, it encouraged me to learn more about the industry.”


In 2012, Fahed graduated from the Gulf Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Institute (GNEII) - a regional institute for professional training and development for for nuclear energy programmes - established at Khalifa University for Science, Technology and Research.


Fahed understands that an appropriate learning process is vital for further growth and development.

Later in 2014, with support of the FANR’s education team, he completed a one-year professional secondment at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in Washington, D.C.


“Training programmes available at FANR have been the most rewarding opportunity of my career change.”


“I am proud of being one of the pioneers in nuclear safety and security in my country. This feeling alone gives me the drive to be motivated and eager to learn more about nuclear technologies and to contribute to shaping the future of nuclear safety and security in my country”


Fahed also encourages his Emirati fellows, those who are considering to pursue their future careers in the nuclear sector, to study nuclear science and keep-up for the sector’s rapid development.


He believes that with trained knowledgeable and innovative Emiratis, the UAE will confidently maintain a competitive and resilient economy.


Interview: Jennet Orayeva (Jennet.orayeva@uae-iaea.org)


Fahed Al Bloushi, Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager at the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, Abu Dhabi  


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