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The NLO ensures that national stakeholders benefit from the IAEA support in all areas of nuclear power and non-power nuclear applications. Through technical cooperaiton projects, a large number of UAE institutions are engaged in dirrent nuclear areas, which meet their national needs and provide tools to aqcuire a wide range of nuclear knowledge.


The National Liaison Office coordinates implementation of - and participation in a variety of activities with IAEA, contributing to the development of several sectors in UAE through advancements in nuclear applications and technology. This includes, but not limited to: health, industry, nuclear science and education, regulatory and operational frameworks for nuclear power programmes, and environmental applications addressing air pollution, water management, combatting desertification, etc.  



Facts & Figures

Thematic Areas of Cooperation

UAE Permanent Mission supports higher participation from the UAE in IAEA activities

Figure 1.  UAE participation in IAEA activities by areas cooperation in 2014

The number of participants from the UAE in IAEA activities in recent years increased from about 100 participants in 2010 to more than 700 in 2014. Through IAEA’s TC programmme, the UAE receives support to develop its human resources capacity. It is supported through the provision of fellowships and scientific visits, by expert missions and meetings, via special workshops and training courses focusing on the safe, effective and peaceful application of nuclear technology.


More than 60 national stakeholders benefit from the technical cooperation programme and IAEA services to advance their capacities in using nuclear technology.

Figure 2. Increasing UAE participation in IAEA activities during 2010-2014 period

Regional and Interregional Cooperation

As part of the IAEA TC programme, the UAE participates in a wide range of regional and interregional TC projects within the Asia and the Pacific to address common issues through joint activities with other Member States in the region. The UAE mainly contributes to regional cooperation in the framework of the regional cooperation agreement for Arab States in Asia for Research, Development and Training (ARASIA), as well as under the coordination of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). These regional TC programme contribute to the advancement of regional priorities, and strengthening regional cooperation in selected nuclear areas. Throughout 2014, the UAE participated in 3 interregional, 16 regional and 7 national TC projects. The pie chart (Figure 3) shows the distribution of national, regional and inter-regional activities where the UAE participated in 2014.

Figure 4. Distribution of UAE TC activities in 2014 within regional groups

Figure 3. UAE involvement in national, regional and international IAEA activities in 2014

Scientific Visits and Fellowships 

As National Liaison Office, the Permanent Mission supports an increasing number of scientific visits and fellowships of Emiratis in international institutes, as well as an increasing number of trainings provided by UAE institutes to visitors from other Member States. Scientific visits between the national and international institutions, broaden scientific, technical and managerial qualifications of UAE specialists.


Such scientific visits and fellowships provide intensive training for periods of two weeks and more. Selected applicants/fellows are sent abroad for comprehensive training to improve their professional knowledge and align with the UAE capacity building efforts.


Figure 5. Shares of scientific visits and fellowships hosted in the UAE and provided to Emiratis in 2014

UAE Experts' Contribution to IAEA Activities

In 2014, the Permanent Mission supported the IAEA in more than 45 different activities, through dispatching 55 cost-free experts from the UAE, and providing contributions with papers, presentations, speeches and sharing of experience and expertise. Main contributors to IAEA activities remain the stakeholders of nuclear power programme in the UAE, mainly the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) with a share of 70% of all UAE experts contributions, and of all activities in which the UAE shared its expertize. Other major contributors are the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research (KU), UAE Permanent Mission to the IAEA as well as other institutions from various sectors.

Figure 6. Share of the total number of experts dispatched in 2014


Figure 7. Share of the total number of experts dispatched in 2014  


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