Technical Cooperation Frameworks


Country Profile Framework (CPF)


The Country Profile Framework (CPF) is the framework of technical cooperation with IAEA for the duration of three bi-annual cycles. It is based on the country’s short and medium term strategy, and national development goals and priorities which can be fulfilled through the Agency’s support in nuclear science and technology.


The UAE signed its Country Profile Framework (CPF) with the IAEA in December 2011 for the period 2012-2016. This essential document serves as a reference, defining mutually agreed development needs to be supported through technical cooperation activities between the UAE Government and the Agency, which underlines the country’s ownership of the TC programme.  


IAEA’s technical assistance is transferred to the UAE via several means: training courses and workshops, expert assistance, training fellowships, scientific visits, conference, symposia and seminars, as well as procurement of equipment and materials.


Country Nuclear Power Profiles (CNPP)


Contributing to the Agency’s scientific and technical publications, the UAE developed another comprehensive document: the Country Nuclear Power Profile (CNPP). The CNPPs serve as an integrated source of key background information about the status and development of nuclear power programmes throughout the world. The CNPP not only consolidates information about the nuclear power infrastructures but also on factors related to the effective planning, decision making and implementation of nuclear power programmes that together lead to safe and economical operations of nuclear power plants.


The UAE Permanent Mission coordinated and finalized the UAE CNPP submitted to IAEA in August 2012. The CNPP is reviewed yearly, and consists of organizational and industrial aspects of nuclear power programmes and provides information about the relevant legislative, regulatory, and international framework in the country.



Integrated Work Plan (IWP)


The UAE is looked upon closely as a model for countries embarking on a nuclear power programme. The Permanent Mission of the UAE to the IAEA has recently initiated with the support of main stakeholders a new initiative involving all departments of the IAEA in developing an Integrated Work Plan (IWP) 2013-2017, which highlights all areas and activities of cooperation between the Agency and the UAE, until operation of its first nuclear power plant in 2017. The IWP is based on national needs highlighted in the UAE CPF as well.  UAE is taking the lead among nuclear new comers  to conclude such an integrated work plan.









"UAE is at the forefront of countries developing new nuclear energy programmes, the IAEA supports the UAE efforts through multiple on-going technical cooperation projects. UAE experience is important for the Agency and can be considered as a model for other countries interested in developing new nuclear energy programmes."


Kwaku Aning, Deputy Director General of the IAEA Technical Cooperation Department.

Signing of the CPF between Mr. Kwaku Aning, DDG for IAEA TC Department and H.E. Ambassador Alkaabi, UAE Permanent Representative to the IAEA, Abu Dhabi, 7 December 2011

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UAE's International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) signs Practical Arrangement with the International Atomic Energy Agency to enhance cooperation in areas of soil, water, crop and nutrition management, March 2015.

Signing of the IWP between Dr. Ali Boussaha, IAEA Director of Division for Asia and the Pacific,  TC Department and H.E. Ambassador Alkaabi, UAE Permanent Representative to the IAEA, Vienna, June 2013



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Practical Arrangement between the UAE's International Center for Biosaline Agriculture and the Agency


On 4 March 2015, UAE’s International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) signed a Practical Arrangement (PA) with the IAEA to enhance cooperation in areas of soil, water, crop and nutrition activities.


Deputy Director General for TC Mr. Kwaku Aning and Dr Ismahane Elouafi, Director General of the ICBA, recently signed the Practical Arrangement, formalizing the already fruitful relationship between the two organizations. In addition to administrative and logistical affairs, the Arrangement clearly identifies the thematic scope of the cooperation, which includes mutual support in the areas of desertification and land degradation, soil and water management, water-use efficiency, and agricultural research. Moreover, the PA calls for an “exchange of data of mutual interest and relevance,” thereby facilitating the work conducted by the respective institutions.