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Providing Consultancy at IAEA Technical Meetings and Workshops


Each year, numerous of UAE experts participate in IAEA consultancy meetings related to nuclear safety and security to discuss and further develop a working plan for the country’s development of a nuclear power programme.


Officials of the UAE stakeholder entities are regularly engaged in panel discussions at major IAEA meetings, workshops and conferences to share the country’s experience through keynote speeches and presentations. UAE members have also served as chairing Chairpersons at chairing major IAEA meetings and side events.


Additionally, experts from the UAE have been requested by the IAEA to participate in review missions undertaken in other countries, such as France and Turkey.


Through a selective approach, the Permanent Mission facilitates UAE contribution that benefits local institutions, as well as IAEA and other Members States.


Supporting the IAEA in the Development of Standards for Safety


In return for the dedicated assistance of the IAEA, the UAE contributes to the Agency’s work through active participation on IAEA committees that deal with nuclear safety and security issues.


Through the Permanent Mission, the UAE participates in the following IAEA Committees and Commissions on nuclear safety and security:


    •  the Commission on Safety Standards (CSS);

    •  the Nuclear Safety Standards Committee (NUSSC);

    •  the Radiation Safety Standards Committee (RASSC);

    •  the Technical Working Group on Nuclear Power Infrastructure;

    •  the Programme Committee for the Preparation of the Symposium on Nuclear Security in 2013;

    •  the Steering Committee on Competence of Human Resources for Regulatory Body;

    •  the INPRO Steering Committee; and

    •  the 2012Nuclear Security Guidance Committee (NSGC).


The UAE also takes part in the IAEA’s Senior Regulators’ Meeting held annually by the Agency during the General Conference. The country’s regulatory body shares its experience and information on current regulatory matters in the fields of nuclear radiation, transport and radioactive waste safety and security.


Through such committees, the UAE shares its experiences as a newcomer country, the lessons learnt throughout the process and its best practices. This feedback largely contributes to the Agency’s pool of expertise, which is available to other Member States, especially those planning a domestic nuclear energy programme.


Hosting IAEA Activities and International Conferences


A multitude of IAEA conferences and workshops have been hosted in Abu Dhabi by the UAE Government, through the coordination efforts of the Permanent Mission.


The Government of the UAE supports the activities of the IAEA through the hosting of international conferences and regional forums and workshops organized by the Agency’s various departments.


In 2010 and 2013, the UAE hosted two international conferences: one focused on human resource development and the other related to the safety and security of radioactive sources. These conferences were  organized in collaboration with the IAEA’s Nuclear Energy department, Nuclear Safety department and Nuclear Security department.


The UAE also regularly hosts regional and interregional workshops and training courses through its Technical Cooperation  programme within the IAEA's TC Department.

International Conference on Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources held in Abu Dhabi, 2013

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